Our name is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s seminal novel ‘To the Lighthouse’ and her Bloomsbury Group fellows who met over “lingering breakfasts” and “painting lunches,” an indication of how central fresh, well prepared dishes were to the way the group socialized — a principal tenet of The Lighthouse’s philosophy. The name was also a subtle nod to the Ancient World Wonder, the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

The Lighthouse is a restaurant and concept store founded in Dubai in 2017.

The restaurant is a destination that sits at the intersection of food, creativity and design. At its core, the philosophy promotes eating fresh and seasonal food in its purest form and made of the highest quality ingredients. The menu focuses on innovative Mediterranean-inspired dishes prepared from fresh and seasonal produce with the aim to provide the highest quality food in a relaxed environment.

The Lighthouse shop boasts a handpicked selection of gifting merchandise including glassware, serveware, travel and lifestyle accessories as well as books and papeteries by international and regional designers.

Founded by Hashem Montasser and Hany Bassiouny, The Lighthouse Team believes that curation is about surrounding yourself with objects that embrace all the senses and invariably prompt a gasp of delight.

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